Windows Phone

Battery Pro

Battery Management via start and lock screen.
Advanced analysis with graphs.



signficant features

4 signficant features

  1. Battery information including lock screen
  2. Start screen tile support including all sizes - small, wide, double
  3. Voice commands like "battery info"
  4. Graphs of usage for up to 3 days
Lock Screen
Lock screen icon so you can see you battery percent left at a glance (note: Windows Phone restricts showing 100 on the icon so 99 will be shown instead when 100%)
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App Capabilities Reasons
  • Identity - for anonymous submit of data for advertising
  • Speech Recognition, Microphone - for voice commands
  • Media/Photo - to display advertising bar at bottom of app

As this is our first submission to the app store please give us a little more time to figure out the ins and outs and respond to your feedback.

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